GIG REVIEW – Miyavi at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire 15/03/14

“As long as you keep calling my name, I’ll be back”

For anyone who has been a fan of Miyavi for a long time , these words ring true in terms of promises.  For anyone who has been been a fan of Miyavi , knows what they are getting themselves in to.  The last time he was here, it was at The Forum, 3 years ago, and to be back in London at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, is evidence of how the fan base and the success of Miyavi is growing.
Miyavi along with his drummer, BoBo, threw as much energy and humour (the whole fish and chips moment was amusing) in to the set. Miyavi had this stage persona that was quite hypnotic to see, and it was clear with his passion for the crowd and his music, he allowed himself to come alive in a sense of going crazy and taking advantage of what was in front of him. It was fun and entertaining especially as it’s not often you could dance and headbang at the same time to a few of his songs especially at the beginning of the set. The screams of fans were heightened the moment that Miyavi introduced Selfish Love, a song that no-one thought he would play as it is such an old classic.

The collective voices of the audience were mesmerising as they sang back lyrics to Miyavi and it showed that even over the years, and the changes that Miyavi has gone through, there will always be support for him. His clear love for his home was shown through a song that he dedicated  , the silence in the room as he sang those words was quite haunting and respectful.  His words of telling his fans to not give up felt genuine , I suppose that was one of the highlights of the show. Other song highlights were Wonderful world and the never ending excitement that always makes What’s my name . a great song live.
As the show ended with the audience singing the words to Ahead of the light , it was reminded of all the memories of past shows and how every show has made me learn something new and tonight was nothing different. For a man that has passion and genuine love for what he does, it is clearly shown on the stage and through the things he says.

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