REVIEW – An Cafe at O2 Islington Academy 07/03/14

In the warm evening of Islingon London, the euthusiasm of fans for An Cafe came together in unification to watch the band that has come back after  2 years since their last show here. at the same venue. Things have changed , of course, but the love for this band hasn’t.  This was the 3rd to last show of their 2014 tour in Europe. The energy was undoubtly felt throughout the show and has held a lot of nostalgia for An Cafe and fans that has been built for such a long amount of time.  The band opened with Smile Ichiban li Onna , a familiar and popular song that has held much relevance. It was fun and the screams of fans were apparent with the excitement they shared with the band. Frontman, Miku teased the audience with his dancing and hand movements, and it was amusing to see as it was clear to see London is always a place that An Cafe will return to. The atmosphere was lively despite the fact that the band could only fill half of the venue, but even so, it didn’t discourage the band members who played as if they were filling a massive stadium. The fans showed that could come together to build the energy and passion throughout the night, and because of this, you could see the appreciation of each of the band members. As always , the introduction of each of the band members were always funny to watch but it is great to see that language barriers doesn’t stop this band. Other highlights were Escapism and Snow Scene, though there was quite a reception for newer songs such as Amazing Blue that had this emotional feeling that paved a way for the rest of the show.
There has been rumours going around that the band wouldn’t play Bonds to certain countries so it was a major surprise that the band played Bonds , and it was some sort of gratifying feeling of nostalgia that this song will keep the fans going for this band.
And so , as the band ended with My heart leaps for C with Miku introducing by telling the audience “Our hearts will never change , our hearts are for you”, it was a certain closure for me of sentiment value that over the years , after seeing this band 4 times, and no matter how much has changed, An Cafe will always have the support of myself and other fans.

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