BLOG – Punk/Hardcore

Ever since seeing Sick Of it all a week ago, the band has rebuilt my love for punk and hardcore.  It was that every element of punk that led to what I am today , leading to heavier music, even pop punk, punk rock and hardcore.  In the summer, I went to a punk record store and bought some records and the realisation that you will always return to the music that got you in to what you listen in the first place.  Going to punk and hardcore shows is turning in to something I really enjoy, with venues with no barriers, the band knowing their fans aren’t obsessive and fans just jumping on stage to stage dive or do circle pits. It’s the adrenaline feeling you get and the message you understand from punk.

Here are some of  the bands that I love –

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

Black Flag – Rise above

Sick of it all – Take the night off

Madball – Heavenhell

The Clash – Rock the casbah

Dead Kennedys – Pull my strings


Sarah Tsang

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