GIG REVIEW – Thousand foot krutch at The Underworld 3/09/13

The chanting sounds of “TFK” resounds around the tiny room of The Underworld, a longing for a band that has admitted it has taken them a while to eventually tour in the UK.

I have to confess, I haven’t listened to Thousand Foot Krutch since 2003, a lot has changed with my musical preferences  since then but when I found out that the band were coming to tour and play for the first time in London, I grabbed the chance to see the band not for nostalgia sake but the fact I have respected everything this band has done. So what better way to celebrate their first time in London by hanging out at the show?

Thousand Foot Krutch opened the set with “Let the sparks fly” , a song that drove the crowd in to motion, knowing that the built up pent of excitement was for this band.  When front-man, Trevor McNevan asked if anyone has seem them live before, the was a silence in the room that I have never heard before at any gigs, and it was clear this is was a first time for the band and the fans, This silence of that question gave the band the advantage to give everything they got to show the fans what they’ve been missing through their performance and it wasn’t a failure. Despite the mic issues, McNevan soldiered on and with every song , it was clear that this setlist was made for shows , to get the crowd pumping especially with Bounce ,Courtesy call , The end is where we begin, and Rawkfirst that definitely caused a scene.
It has to be commended and respected of how open McNevan is with his faith, knowing that his audience is a mixture of Christians and non Christians, he isn’t afraid of what the response is , and despite the amount of changes this band has been through(he is the only original member left), the music has stayed the same aswell as the message. You may question if this is all for show, however,  his constant thankfulness for the fans and music is real and displayed.  He did a small speech before the band got in to only slow song of the setlist which was lovely to hear everyone singing back at the band, they  then went straight in to War of changes which got the room back in to crazy mode.

TFK left the stage before coming on again to the sounds of “TFK” for the encore song “Puppet”. The show overall was loud and metal, this band has a definite uniqueness that has kept the fans coming back. To see them for the first time at their first show in London is a major privilege and it is a reminiscent feeling for anyone that listened to the kind of rock music that was around in early 2000’s

Sarah Tsang

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