Watch – Circle of Dust – Alt_Human (2016)

On the 13th December 2016, alternative and horror magazine Bloody-Disgusting premiered the official music video for Circle of Dust’s fourth single from Machines of Our Disgrace (2016), which got released last Friday (9th December 2016). The music video can be viewed in two ways. It can be seen as a direct connection of the worlds of Scandroid (Scandroid, 2016) and Celldweller (End of an Empire, 2015), where the human race is beginning to explore the Utopian union between man and machine; and to the point of producing hybrids.

If we view it from this perspective, Machines of Our Disgrace is detailing the union failing, and the the two races are at the bring of war. Alt_Human, is then a prelude to the single ‘Probot & Robophobes‘ (2015), featuring Circle of Dust, of which details a civil war of the human race and the creation of Atom. The other view is quite simply, that the song details our current dependency on technology, to the point where we are desperately trying to become one with machine. Already there is scientific research into this method, where scientists have suggested that by 2045, humans may be completely infused into machine and our technological avatars. Our physical bodies obsolete.

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