Features of the Day – New Circle of Dust and Scandroid Album Announcement, and new Scandroid Single (2016)

Yesterday, Klayton of the electro-industrial project Celldweller, after the recent release of the remastered edition of Circle of Dust‘s last album, Disengage which was released in 1998, announced the release date of the up-coming Circle of Dust album – Machines of Our Disgrace . It’ll be the first album of the original industrial metal project in twenty years, and will feature tracks Contagion, Neophyte and Machines of Our Disgrace, all of which featured as one off singles and appeared on the remastered editions of previous albums. On the official Facebook, the album is described as “pushing the envelope in fusing modern metal and electronic production with gritty industrial noise & samples on Machines of Our Disgrace. Klayton incorporates both aggressive and melodic vocals with thought provoking lyrics about man’s technological evolution”.

Alongside the information on the album, which will be the fifth full length album of the industrial metal project, was a promotional image of the album cover and official pre-order and release dates.


A couple of weeks prior, on the 21st October, Klayton had also revealed the pre-order and release dates for his synthwave project Scandroid‘s first full length album three years after the bands original conception in 2013, with multi-instrumentalist Varien. The album will feature well known (remastered) tracks such as Salvation Code; Data Stream; Empty Streets;  Aphelion  and Pro-bots vs Robophobes (the second track to be of solo production, and to feature another solo project, Circle of Dust). The album is to feature a limited edition cassette version, and an instrumental version.


Then, accompanying the release date of Machines of Our Disgrace, Klayton revealed a new Scandroid instrumental track called Destination Unknown, which in the video features a virtual reality version of Klayton (under the name of Red), driving alongside a never ending bridge with sound waves.

You can pre-order the albums on http://www.fixstore.com, under Circle of Dust and Scandroid respectfully.

3 responses to “Features of the Day – New Circle of Dust and Scandroid Album Announcement, and new Scandroid Single (2016)

  1. What do you mean my facts are wrong? I went by the information Circle of Dust and Scandroid’s official Facebook gave out, along with Scandroid’s YouTube which is officially run by FiXT.

    • -The album is Disengage not Disengaged.
      -Four years after 2013 is not 2016. This is just simple math.
      -Where has it been officially announced that the five well known Scandroid tracks are remastered?
      -The track names aren’t tricky to spell, yet you managed to get “Salvation Code” “Datastream” and “Pro-bots & Robophobes” wrong
      -Pro-bots & Robophobes was not the first solo production track. A simple search could confirm this in addition to the album credits provided on Bandcamp. To save you time: it was Empty Streets.
      -“Accompanying” the Circle of Dust album a new Scandroid track was revealed? Machines of Our Disgrace was revealed on a Friday, Destination Unknown had its premiere on a Sunday.

      • Well, thank you for…”kindly”…correcting me, I’ve made the necessary amendments.

        Scandroid’s Facebook page featured a remastered track of Salvation Code a couple of weeks ago, and by remastered I mean updated the bass, so I assume he’s done the same with and Datastream, Empty Streets and not necessarily PB & RP, because it is a newer track. I assumed PB & RP was his first solo track, because previously he had been working with Varien, and Empty Streets was produced during their partnership. My mistake, clearly.

        And I’ll inform you now, that Relive the Music is run by British people, and is a UK based website, so the information that comes through from the US, comes in to us after America, or sometimes before. The information released on Facebook came up 21 hrs before I saw it, so I based the information on that alone.

        For further notice, I appreciate that you’re a loyaler fan than presumably myself, but I’d advice for future reference, you avoid being a dick about it. People who run this site do it voluntarily, and we put as much time and effort as we can into what we do.

        I’m doing this for people who are not in the know as much as yourself.

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