GIG REVIEW – MUCC at O2 Islington Academy 18/05/15

Performing in the UK nearly six years ago now, MUCC are back but this time on their ‘F#CK THE FUTURE F#CK THE PAST’ European tour returning to the O2 Academy Islington and playing a set list mainly consisting of songs from their last two albums, songs from their new mini-album releasing next month along with some old favourites.

Therefore, what better way to begin with none other than the title track, THE END OF THE WORLD, conveying beauty but also direness, going from light and uplifting in the verses to powerful and dark in the chorus.

Taking us onto a new song, sounding similar to their other electronic-infused creations, keeping that in mind, the intro for ENDER ENDER begins to play over the sound system and so the audience prepare themselves for the explosive breakdown at the start.

Phasing out, Tatsurou begins to spell out the initial for another new song, D. f. D and not a moment too soon, the infamous drum roll and a particular funky riff joining in later signals the start of G.G., triggering everyone into frenzy. Next is WateR, a b-side of their single, World’s End, continuing the theme of the party rock anthems and then 369 Miroku, sounding like it should belong in a western before breaking down into something a bit more funkier, moving the bass to the forefront.

As the first few notes of Ageha resound through the venue, there is this moment of absolute elation in the air and that’s where it kicks off again especially as Ms. Fear enters the fray, slowing down for Tell Me and then Pure Black, the jazzy number putting us in the mood for some dancing.

Mix in the sound from another part of Asia as well as some angry sounding vocals and you have Kyouran Kyousho -21st Century Baby-, fluctuating once more for NIRVANA, FUZZ, Hallelujah and the final two songs, Houkou and Mr. Liar.

Classics such as Saishuu Ressha and Ranchuu feature in the encore however as OMAKE begins, all hell breaks loose as a moshpit of just a few people develops, possibly being one of many highlights of the gig which then ends on Tonight, the last of the new songs.

Featuring songs from their past, present and future, the set list did not fail to disappoint and even though this is the second date on the tour, it feels like they gave it their all. It’s unknown how long it will take before they are back again but until then, we can only hope they come back sooner than later and rock out in the UK once again.

Dayle Corbin

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