REVIEW – Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour with New Found Glory 29/11/14

Sometimes nostalgia for something you loved from over 13 years ago isn’t a bad thing especially when bands like New Found Glory are still around. The solid line up for the UK tour featured Only Rivals, Candy Hearts, State Champs and Story so far playing along side with New Found Glory. The show arrived at The Forum in London , it was filled with fans who were either young , or who like me, grew up in our teenage angst states listening to pop punk bands like New Found Glory, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, and Simple Plan. This show was all about New Found Glory and it was the second London show aswell as the last show of the UK tour.   As the support bands played through their sets, State champs were the ones that stood out the most with their legion of fans and their lively performance despite that you could tell that a lot of these bands were tired but still made up with the energy they had on the stage.

New Found Glory came on to the stage at 9.30pm and blasted the crowd instantly with the song opener , Understatement, a song that created this massive surge of screaming fans and movement. Through out their set, the band entertained the crowd with short talks and humour , which is a positive thing to see, as  a band should always include the fans and make them feel welcomed at a show. Each band member showed off their abilities as they walked across the stage with much intensity, it is evident to see how they are grateful for their fans through their performances. The 22 song setlist that lasted nearly two hours was filled with gold of old tracks aswell as balanced with songs from the new album which was met with much support from devoted fans. Other highlights were songs such as Hit or Miss, Failure’s not flattering , Truth of my youth and the song cover of Six pence none  the richer’s Kiss me, a punk rock version that at first I didn’t recognise until the chorus hit.
My friend’s over you was the last song of the show before the encore, however unlike the night before, there was no Hayley Williams to come on to sing with the band. No matter though because the adrenaline from the band and the fans sky rocketed as fans sang and their voices echoed loudly throughout the venue. A song that led a lot of older fans to the band shows that the New Found Glory still have the energy and passion.
New Found Glory ended on a 4 song encore on a massive high, it’s not often when you don’t want a show to end and just as this band has evidently showed,  nostalgia doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

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