ALBUM REVIEW – Bowling for soup – Lunch. Drunk. Love

When you mix hilarity in the form of heartbreak, you get Bowling for soup, a band that still has the same punk rock message for the past 19 years, along with a legion of fans that have grown up beside them, most now in their 20’s.   This underated band has shown that their success is still growing, and with their sudden announcement that they will no longer be a touring band(but staying together as a band),  comes the new album, Lunch. Drunk. Love which was funded through Pledge Music, something that is becoming known among bands these days.

The album is their twelfth record, it  features moments such as hope , love and everything you can easily find in a Bowling for soup record, familiar surroundings of care-free attitudes from  four grown up men that you would want as your uncles.  It’s still the same formula  from every record but that shouldn’t be a bad thing, because this band has a way of understanding their fans and knowing where to shove their songs across. Everything  that this record is about,  is essentially a message of just being yourself, fuck everyone else because every now and again , you need to be reminded of this. Bowling for soup are fun and have always been that go – to band when you want to just chill out with.

Songs such as Real , tell the listener exactly that, a song that tells you to keep moving on in life and that it’s okay to not be perfect – “I don’t know what i’m supposed to be/all that i ever am is me/and i’m never gonna change/here’s the deal/i’m just trying to be real.”  Musically, their melodies are catchy and just like every BFS record, you can sing your lungs out out at their shows, which by the way, is always great to hear fans sing in unison of their songs.  The production quality of this album is on top and each song is infectious to listen to.  It is consistent and a continuation of their overall musical career. Other songs that stand out the most are I am waking up today, Circle, Right about now, Normal chicks, and Envy. I’ve always loved their more serious songs, and acoustic songs, more for the fact that Jaret has this voice that is quite addicting to listen to which leads to overplaying the replay button. At the same time, its content is just the right balance for what it is.  Bowling for soup has this appeal of value to their fans, wherever it’ll be through the band members being random, musically or lyrically, the band has been it all. Ultimately they are a band that can get a whole audience to dance and just to have fun because they’ve always been themselves.

The band has grown well with age, and this record has easily gained spot in my  top 5 among all the albums that have been released this year.  It’s not necessarily a goodbye , however it’s still bitter sweet for those that will never see them again at a live setting. There is a sudden gratefulness for a band that has helped me through my early teenage years, developing my music tastes in to rock and metal and giving a encouraging message with every record. The last ever UK tour will definitely be something not to miss and when that last date of the tour ends, it’s a knowing realisation that it isn’t the end, it’s just starting a new chapter with the positive notion that new albums will placed on the belt and BFS will be carrying on.

Sarah Tsang

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