GIG REVIEW/PHOTOS – Texas is the reason at Electric Ballroom 04/08/13

“London , are you there?, because we need you ” , words from frontman, Garret Klahn, and there was no disappointment because the crowd sang along every word, and cheered along every moment, It was a bittersweet evening to end the memories of a band that had spent their last show together in London.  Loud and proud , were both the band and the audience and it was a definite sight to see. From the moment the last song ended, the emotional sentiment from each of the band members as they hugged eachother(Klahn who looked like he was crying) was felt across the room.There was a massive sense of gratitude and thankfulness from each and every fan as they applauded until the band left the stage and as I weaved through to get to the exit, I stopped and noticed that two grown men were hugging and crying with eachother, and that was probably the first time I’ve witnessed something as amazing as that.

Goodbye Texas is the reason, it has been fun.

Sarah Tsang

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