BLOG – Lower than Atlantis

What music and Lower Than Atlantis means to me

Music to me is a form of psychological nutrition. I wake everyday and I immediately seek out some form of music, whether it’s from the radio with stations such as Planet Rock for example, or even television. The easiest solution for me personally is the internet  such as YouTube or Spotify, to get my ‘fix’ so to speak. Music ,therefore it is as important to me as to eating to stay alive. If I spend nearly a week away from music, I start to feel the ‘withdrawal symptoms’ and depend on my memory to re-run my favourite songs. This is the same for everyone I’ve spoken to. All first world melodrama aside, music is proven to be a fundamental benefactor for us and actually improves our mental health.

One of the bands I’ve been obsessing over lately is in fact, Lower Than Atlantis. When I first listened to these guys they sounded pretty much the same as most other bands from this genre and they didn’t really speak out to me personally. When I later gave them another try I began to realize how incredible the lyrics were. I could hear an influence from the Foo Fighters who are one of my favourite bands. I later discovered that they actually were inspired by the Foo Fighters in an interview, which increased my interest in a bias way. As I listened through albums such as ‘Far Q’ and ‘Changing Tune’ they gradually became a band I listened on a daily basis.

A lot of their lyrics sympathise with the working class, common dreads in society such as the ‘Credit Crunch’ affecting employment ratios and leaving people in dismay. The song ‘I’m not Bulimic’ has the lyrics “I moved back in with my mum, no job, no money, no hope, no fun.” The song in a way becomes therapeutic to those who are or have been unemployed and living under impoverished conditions. As listeners, we not only want to consume music but we also want to relate to the lyrics in some form. This is why artists ‘tailor’ their songs to suit the target audiences and to obviously make a profit.

LTA are fantastic at writing lyrics on these problems in society, the songs that made them stand out for me were the ‘comic relief’ ones. One of their singles called ‘Taping songs off the radio’ is about losing all of your songs on itunes and resorting to finding old files on your computer, or in extreme cases using a Walkman to record songs that are playing from the radio. I found the lyrics hilarious, relatable and entertaining. From the album Far Q is another comical song called A/S/L which is about trying to chat up girls using social networking sites with the lyrics “OMGZ, LOL, XX – I let my love life come to this? I used to think of myself as a bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’, but now I’m tapping chicks by Email and it’s fucking sad”. This is one example of the sheer genius behind LTA’s song lyrics and changed me into becoming a long time fan.

When a band like Lower Than Atlantis can write relatable songs about day to day life in society , they then become a very personal band to you. I personally became a huge fan of these guys and they actually improve my day every time I listen to them. With bands to one side, this to me just proves that music is a vital form of entertainment to us now and can arguably trump other forms of media in a lot of respects.

Dave Hammel

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