GIG REVIEW – P.O.D – The Underworld 17/06/13

Admittedly, it’s been 9 years since I last listened to P.O.D and this was the first time I’ve seen them live, so when I got the chance to cover this concert, I went in to the gig pretty much blind.  I had no idea what I was going to expect. HellYeah and Sacred Mother Tongue had successfully built up the atmosphere  previously as support bands.  The last time I listened to P.O.D was when Sonny Sandoval still had dreadlocks, as he came out on to the stage, he had a different image, but still the same face I remembered.

P.O.D started with full momentum , bringing out the song “Boom” first which made the crowd go crazy(even me as the photographer, dancing while taking photos…woops). It was quite a nostalgic feeling as the band went through a setlist of old and new songs, being a 13 year old teenager at the height of P.O.D’s fame was a good experience. Throughout the show, the band gave their all, and had a great stage presence especially Sandoval, who jumped about, sang in to people’s faces and walked across the crowd who were going crazy at the same time.

At some points, Sandoval who is an outspoken Christian, kneeled to the ground, or lifted his arms in the air as if he was praying.
Hearing the crowd sing in unison is a sure way of seeing that P.O.D still are going and still have this fanbase who are loyal and willing to join and support the band through out the years.
The concert ended on a high , and as I swarmed past sweaty men who started mosh pits, it made me wonder why I stopped listening to P.O.D all those years ago, and the fact I never gave them a second chance to listen again. This concert showed that they still have that energy, and it made me determine that I will see them one day again.


Sarah Tsang

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