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What music and Slipknot mean to me.

Music has a way of affecting us, emotionally and mentally. Through lyrics , through the sounds that takes us on adventures to feeling calm and motivated.  It keeps me stable more than any other thing and maybe this is why I let it revolve my life with photography, with friends, learning guitar and even the decision to make this webzine. I’ve learnt a lot about life because of music, it’s my kind of escapism. Escaping to concerts, and feeling free, where you enter a gig, and leave with a different  perspective on life.   I’ve learnt a lot on realising that if this band or this type of music helps you, it doesn’t matter when people tell you the music that you listen to is wrong and their music is right because it’s your own personal choices. Music will teach you a lot of things as long as you know that the industry is constantly changing

I’ve been made fun off from a  lot of bands I listen to ,and a lot of people could never understand how a band like Slipknot could help inspire me , but if there’s nothing to inspire you, how could you keep going on in life when there’s nothing to keep you moving forward?
I’ve been a fan of Slipknot since I was 8 years old in 1999, from the moment I saw this music video , it instantly fueled my interest in that genre rather than be scared( I was more scared of Firestarter by The Prodigy). Throughout the years, of being a Slipknot fan, the band took me on a journey through their music, despite at one time , I stopped listening to them because people told me not to as they weren’t “metal enough”. After  a while, I realised that was completely redundant and did my own thing. Slipknot helped me in my teenage years, pumped me with motivation to keep going, took out my emotions and kept me in the moment despite everything that life threw at me. They’re still the best band i’ve seen live even when I’ve seen so many bands the past 8 years. They have the energy and intensity to put on a show, and the both shows i’ve been to, they helped me  especially with the circumstances that I was in. The second time, I celebrated with them at Sonisphere 2011. The second time, in my drunken, broken state, I cried as soon as the rain came down heavily during Psychosocial with joy and remembrance aswell as heartbreak of my own as well as theirs. Both times that I saw them was the slow start of new changes. The amount of changes this band goes through, will always have my continued support. A band will always keep moving on with their sounds, other wise it would sound boring to continuously be the same.

I could never say that the bands that I listen to, are the best band in the world, because I believe art is always subjective, and to not put a band on a pedestal  as you’ll be stuck in this mindset of narrow mindness and not being open enough. I don’t think a band has ever “saved my life” before, but always learning and pushing forward. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any new bands since 2006, not because of that stupid rant of music being better back in the day, it’s mainly because nothing since then has stood out to me, and i’ve searched for it and gave it a chance.

Since Slipknot are coming back out of their hiatus and doing festival shows with the possibility of making a new album, I’m gonna list here my favourite songs.

  • Slipknot – Purity 

This song is great just because of the way it is written , and how clever this song is.

  • Slipknot – Scissors

Purely for the fact this is the first song that got me in to them when I was 8.

  • Slipknot – Spit it out

This is one of my favourite songs that the band play live, for the fact they ask thousands of people to crouch down, and then get them to jump after a certain part of the song. This was amazing to see from up top in 2008 when I saw them in London

  • Slipknot – Duality 

I love this song because of the lyrics “You cannot kill what you did not create” , i’m going to have that tattooed on my arm.

  • Slipknot – Gently

Musically this song makes me feel calm.

  • Slipknot – Eyeless

I used to be constantly obsessed with this song, and would play it every day, just because Corey’s guttural screams are addicted to listen to, especially the riffs.

  • Slipknot – Til we die

Because the first time i heard this song, i cried, as I felt that this song was for themselves and the fanbase, that despite the death of Paul, we will always keep carrying on, supporting eachother, and find the strength to do so.

  • Slipknot – Vermilion part 1 and 2 

I’ve always enjoyed Slipknot’s more melodic side of the music, where I could hear Corey’s vocals more, which is probably why I am also a fan of Stone Sour. These two songs are amazing with the music and build up.

  • Slipknot – Psychosocial 

Because in 2011,, at Sonisphere, the moment Corey sang “And the rain will kill us all” , it started raining heavy as fuck, and I was already near to tears and I ended up crying because of how emotional this set was and what this show was about, and my circumstances beofre.

  • Slipknot – Before I forget

The music video was my favourite, and I love the lyrics

  • Slipknot – Danger Keep away

Again, I’ve always loved the  melodic side of Slipknot.

  • Slipknot – Left behind 

This was the 2nd music video I saw from the band after Scissors, and made me more of a fan.

  • Slipknot – Iowa 

Because this song is dark as fuck, and the first time i listened to it, I had nightmares haha.

Enjoy the music you listen to and forget what anyone else says.

Sarah Tsang

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