Feature of the Day – Then Comes Silence – The Dead Cry for No One (2017)

Swedish goth rock band, Then Comes Silence has been teasing their fans of new material since last year, with photographs inside the recording studio, but it has been since 2nd May 2017 that official, promotional material has emerged – a glimpse into the album cover of their new album, and stills and video teasers from an upcoming single. On the 26th May (yesterday), the band confirmed the release date of their new single, ‘The Dead Cry for No One‘, today, at the same time as revealing that they had signed with record label Nuclear Blast.

The Dead Cry for No One displays a change in musical direction from their previous albums, keeping their distinct gothic hard rock/post-punk,  but being more inclusive of industrial and post-rock. Visually, the music video is inspired by Swedish folklore and carries influences from atmospheric black metal, death/doom metal. The masked figure is a personification of death and based on the Scandinavian folklore figure, The Fanden (The Devil); which is notably different to that of the Christian/Abrahamic interpretation, Satan. The Fanden’s purpose in Scandinavian folklore is merely a symbolism of humanity’s corruption, wealth and is there to collect already damned souls and is most commonly associated with their mischievousness, and persuasive nature (similar to the Satyr in Greek and Roman mythology).

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