GIG REVIEW – Dune Rats – Dingwalls – 17/05/17

There’s only one way to leave a Dune Rats show – bruised, battered and caked in someone else’s blood.

After the success of their tour with DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats return a year later with a new album in tow, “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” and with that, they played to a sold out show at Dingwalls.
Packed to the brim, chaos ensued within the moment the band opened with  “Don’t Talk”.  The excitement ,then made the fans throw themselves forward, which led to many people spilling on to the stage. The love for Dune Rats was evident , something I’ve only ever experienced at a Dune Rats show more than any other gig I’ve been to.  Crowd surfers , stage divers and the like , repeatedly happened throughout the set as the band powered through the songs with  great energy and  never slowed down.

The mayhem was something to be admired while being beaten down by long legs and bodies that went over the front row,  but I nor anyone around me, cared at all because this is what should and always be expected. To have fun, and feel connected with the music. New songs from the album , such as “Braindead” and “Scott Green”  went down well with the crowd, as everyone sang back to the band at full momentum.
As the show went on, it was amusing to see the moment everything descended to anarchy , with so many people spilling on the stage, or falling over, and moving equipment on stage, it resulted in the band’s crew to hang at the front of the stage to stop everyone. Better safe than never, I suppose.

Dune Rats continue to carve their successes through their  music and live shows, it’s also no wonder that themselves as a band also appeal to a forever growing fanbase because of their casual and laid back demeanour. As proven at this sold out show, if you didn’t leave bruised, battered or covered in sweat, then what were you doing?!

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