GIG REVIEW – Miyavi – O2 Islington Academy – 7/05/17

Memorable. Exciting. Inspiring.

Words that can be described of a Miyavi show.
Miyavi performed at O2 Islington Academy infront of excited and dedicated fans (some flew over from Europe and camped over night).  With a DJ added  for the Fire Bird  tour, alongside Miyavi and Bobo the drummer, the overall mix of the sound made the set more upbeat and energetic. Miyavi opened up with “Raise Me Up”,  and immediately  took to the stage like he belonged there, with great energy and a stage presence that one person can bring.

Over the years, the progression of Miyavi’s music continues to evolve , but his message of unity through music stayed the same. Highlights were songs such as “Where Home Is”, a song dedicated to his daughter and written by him and his wife, Melody.Throughout the set, his interaction with the fans, showed passion and empathy as he talked about his involvement with United Nations and refugees.  After this ,  “Long Nights” was then played , a song inspired from what he had seen at the refugee camps in Lebanon and Thailand. Inspiration comes through influence and it is clear, this is what Miyavi wanted the fans to see.

As it is the 15th anniversary  since Miyavi’s debut as a musician and artist, he ended the show with three songs from earlier albums. Each song with a different twist and mix. Hearing the crowd respond positively especially to “What’s My Name” gave goosebumps.

A celebration of the artist and music.

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