GIG REVIEW – Patent Pending – O2 Islington Academy – 28/04/17

Patent Pending, the band that never fails to entertain through their albums and live shows. The show at the O2 Islington Academy was no exception. Despite the fact that the show was held on a club night, it didn’t deter the band from playing their best and committing to what the band love to do on stage. Patent Pending opened the show with “Little Miss Impossible”, which instantly led to frontman ,Joe jumping across the stage to the front row, displaying great energy and fun. Interacting with the audience is a regular thing for the band, but it is always refreshing to see this happening consistently through shows .

It is one of the biggest things that stands out about the band, evidently shown through Joe making jokes with the fans , getting everyone to throw up jazz hands and a crowd surfing competition during “Psycho In Love”. A highlight of the show, was Patent Pending “rick rolling” the place with a cover of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, a song chosen from their latest album , “Other People’s Greatest Hits”. It’s always an amusing thing to hear a joke that started over 10 years ago, a sort of legacy that somehow will never get tiring, but instead get goosebumps hearing fans sing this song with the band.

From funny to sombre, the set led to “One Heart Less To Break”, a song that displays great diversity in their music and an importance to the complexity of life.
Patent Pending ended with three songs as part of their encore,  “Douchebag” in particular was a huge crowd favourite. The set may have felt rushed at times, however that couldn’t be helped with club night that was to be held straight after.

The biggest thing to come away from this show was the amount of stage presence  from each band member, the enthusiasm between both the band and the fans, and the dedication to their craft.


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