Featue of the Day – Scandroid – Rendezvous (2017)

On the 24th April 2017, Klayton under Scandroid officially teased the new single Rendezvous on the Scandroid’s Facebook and YouTube channel, after teasing his fans as early as January on SnapChat, and today (on 28th April 2017) it premiered on music channel sites and apps Bandcamp, and Spotify; accompanied by an instrumental version.

Unlike Scandroid’s previous releases, including the debut album last year, Rendezvous involves not just synthwave, but has included electronic metal in parts, during the intervals specifically, and if we go by the remix album Dreams of Tokyo (2017), which feature dark synthwave metal band Dance with the Dead on a remix for Neo-Tokyo, that is a possible hint to the new direction of what Klayton is going with the next Scandroid project. It may even be a snippet of more joint works with his other, mainline project Celldweller, and perhaps coming close to finalising their universe’ connection with one another.

Rendezvous is additionally available on Discog, Amazon, and FiXT Store.
Scandroid – Rendezvous (Single) (Digital Album)

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