Feature of the Day – Celldweller – Electric Eye (2017)

With the teaser last week, Klayton of Celldweller, Circle of Dust and Scandroid returns today (23rd February 2017) with the official lyric video for his new Celldweller single Electric Eye. The melodic electric-rock/drum ‘n’ bass fused track eludes to not just a new direction, but an additional continuation of the Blackstar and Outland Industry universes (Both first introduced in Wish Upon a Blackstar, and End of an Empire respectfully).

If the animation is anything to allude by, the satellite featured may be the true identity of the Blackstar, which in Wish Upon a Blackstar was an object of worship and wonder, as was the “deities”; (The Overseer, The Dreamcatcher,  The Siren (E.V.E of Scandroid‘s universe, and Atom’s love interest in Probots and Robophobes), and The Gatekeeper, who are really intelligent extraterrestrials observing the human race). In Wish Upon a Blackstar, there was an attempt of communication from those the deities watched over, and in this song, it could reveal the Blackstar responding to that communication. Another connection, is from Transmissions Vol. 4 (the review will be uploaded soon), with the tracks Radio Transmission, and Last Transmission from Titan; the former track could be how the satellite (Blackstar) recognizes our attempts of contact, whilst the latter, could hint to us familiar with the universe Klayton has birthed, the name of the Satellite and the true name of Blackstar, Titan.

Musically, Electric Eye is following the path of Wish Upon a Blackstar, which is more electric-rock and EDM than the previous debut, Celldweller, and lighter in tone to End of an Empire, however is touching on synthwave as well, which is Scandroid’s era of expertise, which can only confirm that Klayton is returning to the Blackstar narrative. However, additionally, could be linking it to Scandroid’s universe as well, or how it came to be.

The single is available for purchase on FiXT Store, Bandcamp, Google Play, and iTunes.

3 responses to “Feature of the Day – Celldweller – Electric Eye (2017)

  1. haven’t heard of this one before, but I’m definitely going to have to do more research on it after reading this piece 🙂

    What other tracks would you suggest I check out from Celldweller

    • What I can suggest, is that it’s best to listen to all of Celldweller’s albums in their entirety and discovering your favourite tracks, because I’ll find it hard to suggest tracks to you, because they’d be tracks I love, and may not be ones you’ll like. All of Celldweller is on Spotify and iTunes, but if you don’t have those apps, you’ll definitely find all the Celldweller albums on YouTube. 🙂

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