Feature of the Day – Steve Hackett – In the Skeleton Gallery (2017)

On the 3rd February 2017, prestigious progressive rock icon Steve Hackett unveiled a new single for his new album The Night Siren, due out on 24th March 2017.  In the Skeleton Gallery is only a glimpse of the direction of this album, but what it does hint is that Hackett has returned to the days of Voyage of the Acolyte (1975), To Watch the Storms (2003), Wild Orchids (2006) and Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth (2009), for there is a heavier, if not robust sound.

Already, there is influences of Gabriel era Genesis (1967 – 1975), and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, with a dash of solo Greg Lake (who had ventured into hard rock by this time).

The single In the Skeleton Gallery is available on YouTube, Spotify, and the album The Night Siren is to be available to buy from Amazon, his record label Inside Out Music. There is also information on an upcoming tour, all of which can be found on Steve Hackett’s website: http://www.hackettsongs.com

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