Extended Play Review – FRIO y VACIO – FRIO y VACIO (Cold and Empty) 2017

Availability: Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube

http:// frioyvacio.bandcamp.com

*Frio y Vacio is a gothic rock/coldwave side project of coldwave/minimal artist Angel Kauff, and his project Stockhaussen, featuring Sharon Lunch.

Perdidos (Lost), the opening track of the debut and extended play of Frio y Vacio is an energetic brew of gothic death rock, punk and coldwave. This project is one of the few modern gothic bands that find inspiration from the deconstructed, illusive original sound, which during the 1976 – 1986 eras relied on distortion and drone of the guitars, alluding to the paranoia and darkness captured in the post-punk/proto-goth years. Comparably, Frio y Vacio utilises the inflections of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Christian Death, Bauhaus and Joy Division. Desquillibrio (Disequilibrium), has wandered more into the death rock/punk and hard rock terrain, compiling the aggressive, rebellious chugs found with Christian Death, Specimen, Joy Division, and The Damned and early The Cure all of whom were still in touch with their punk roots for a time, but were in also mid transition. Desquilibrio has this feel, only it is done in reverse, as the band is looking backward in time to capture the subject of disparity.

Ocultos (Hidden) is a return to the post-punk, gothic rock and coldwave genres, and unlike the previous tracks which had minimalistic lyrics, Ocultos is chastely instrumental, and has mild stimuli from surf rock for the melodious notes from the guitar are gentle, yet up-beat to contrast with the rest of the work. Descontrol (Out of Control), the last track transforms into death rock, dark ambient and cold wave, spiritually embodying punk rock and its movement, once more touching on Joy Division, The Damned, but also the likes of The Sex Pistols. The guitar work channels John McGeogh, the late former guitarist of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Robert Smith’s guitar work during the previously mentioned band’s early career, as well as on The Glove.

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