Feature of the Day – Masquerade – Deathmarch (2016)

On the 2nd December 2016, Finnish post-punk/goth rock band, Masquerade released a music video of their new single Deathmarch from their debut album Ritual; which came out officially last month, after four years in the making – at the same time as the production of their demo EP, Needle Through a Bug (2015) – and will be reviewed in the next few days.

The new single in their first single since Panic Paranoia and I Will Stalk You, their last singles and accompanying music videos in a year, as the band have been busy touring their new material on Ritual across Europe, as well as promoting their side project, Virgin in Veil, who features the vocalist Suzi Nyberg (known professionally as Suzi Sabotage), and her husband and guitarist of Masquerade, Jacques Sach; also a member of death/goth rock band Secular Plague and ex-member of Sleeping Children.

Deathmarch‘s video is quite retro and simplistic in dynamic, because its intention is to focus on the band and their blunt message on pacifism, and their position on war,  carrying the anarchic ideology of the punk movement into musical context. It is evident of the inspiration of Masquerade’s sound and aesthetic, Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The album Ritual, and their debuting EP Needle Through a Bug are both available on Spotify, and Bandcamp:


You can also follow Suzi Sabotage and the band on Facebook:


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