Features of the Day – Argyle Park – Agony ft Jyro & Violent ft Circle of Dust, Evol Eye Jeni (1995/2016)

With the remastered edition of the critically acclaimed and controversial side project of Scott Albert (Celldweller, Circle of Dust and Scandroid), Argyle Park – co-founded by his bother, Lvl and Polish rapper Buka – and the first and last album produced, Misguided (1995), before the break-up in 1996, coming out tomorrow (19th August 2016); it’s only expected to feature two singles that have appeared pre-release.

On the 17th August, Klayton premiered the first single and a taster of the remastered tracklisting, Agony featuring American musician and songwriter, Jyro (sometimes spelled as Gyro). This track mixes hip-hop, early djent, industrial and techno.

Today, an exclusive stream on Soundcloud of the remastered track, Violent came through as an ‘early stream’.

Unlike the original track, the remastered version features Klayton as Circle of Dust and Evol Eye Jeni, whilst previously he was credited under his newer pseudonym Celldweller. Violent ranges from drum’n’bass, beat and industrial metal in places.

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