Feature of the Day – Poets of the Fall – Drama for Life (2016)

On 4th August 2016, after a seven day count down on their Facebook page, Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall premiered their new single Drama for Life and lyric video on YouTube. It is a taster for the rest of the material for their up-coming album Clearview, due out 30th September 2016.

As is the norm now, the lyric video isn’t just a  basic words on screen/karaoke layout, but instead  quite interactive, with Marko Saaresto miming the words, whilst appearing to be in a make-shift mental asylum cell/prison. Though Poets of the Fall have completed two of their conceptual trilogies (Signs of Life, 2005 – Temple of Thought, 2012 and Revolution Roulette, 2008 – Jealous Gods, 2014) , which I feel may have been indirectly connected/apart of the same universe, it feels that Clearview may an additional chapter to one of  these trilogies, or plausibly both, we’ll have to see.

Album is available for pre-orde here: https://www.madsupply.com/en/shop/band+merchandise/poets+of+the+fall/cd+dvd+vinyls/clearview+cd

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