Feature of the Day – Circle of Dust – Machines of Our Disgrace (2016)

Late last month on 28th July 2016, Klayton of electronic rock and synth pop projects Celldweller and Scandroid released the first new single (and accompanying music video) for his original industrial metal conception Circle of Dust since Contagion, which premiered earlier this year in February, which not only was added as a bonus track on the remastered edition of Brainchild, but will be a feature track on Circle of Dust’s upcoming album, the release date yet to be announced.

Machines of Our Disgrace has been has been a long time coming in the Circle of Dust chronology and discography, as it was being discussed as far back as last year, when Scott Albert gained the rights back to his material with R.E.X. As with Contagion, which focused on the deadly dystopian prospect that human society has entered a downfall in our selfishness, Machines of Our Disgrace extends on that message by warning us against the addictive nature of modern technology, and has been acknowledged by many fans to be the closest to the original industrial sound, however I see also some influence from his current Celldweller project. This new song’s premiere proceeds the official remastered release of Argyle Park on 19th August 2016, a past side project of Klayton while he worked under the Circle of Dust pseudonym, like Brainchild had been, that has now been incorporated into Circle of Dust’s discography.

The digital download of Machines of Our Disgrace and the Argyle Park album Misguided are both available to both purchase and pre-order on FiXT:

Circle of Dust

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