The start of May saw Nocturnal Bloodlust perform overseas for the first time in China but little did everyone know that a few weeks later, they would go on to announce a Europe tour titled DEIMOS and so, the first date took them to the UK where fans lined up, anticipating their performance at the Underworld.

Before long, sound effects filled the venue and each member came one after the other, wasting no time whatsoever in getting the already shouting crowd pumped even more by throwing their hands in the air before going into the aggressive Punch me if you can. It didn’t take much for Cazqui to start swinging his guitar to eventually take it over his shoulders, repeating said action countless number of times.

That intensity continued as the setlist went onto songs from their most recent mini-album, ZeTeS, starting with EXCEED highlighted by its distinct chorus and hip-hop influenced bridge to the peculiar-sounding intro of NG+ met with playful vocals and chugging guitars soon after.

Once the MC finished, their live-limited single Jyuusou (銃創) was next followed by the drumroll of Strike in fact where Hiro and Masa both made sure the audience were jumping along with them.

PROVIDENCE provided the perfect opportunity for anyone to practice their two-step and was easily a highlight with one of the most memorable parts of the night as Hiro and Cazqui roleplayed the low and high pitched voices respectively during the jazzy part of the song, acting out the argument seen in the music video.

To start up their next song, Hiro engages in a call and response, singing the first part of the chorus to I-V-III a couple times before eventually leading into the song itself with all that practice paying off. An extended version of their This is Halloween-esque SE, also from the release mentioned before plays and slowly increases in tension, the band joining in during the end to prepare for Malice against.

Contrasting with Sphere, the emotion-ridden Ignis Heart, dance number Obligation, the uplifting Deep Inside to end on Hiro prompting a mosh pit for their last song of the night, DESPERATE.

To think that was the end would be silly as they enter the stage one more time for the encore, beginning with GENESIS and Hiro introducing the next song through his recognisable signature poses which could only mean one thing, V.I.P.

Anybody would be satisfied by such a setlist albeit wish it was a little longer as they managed to fit in most of the songs from ZeTeS along with fan-favourites and a recognisable amount from their music videos and the odd b-side. All in all, a brilliant evening.


Punch me if you can
Jyuusou (銃創)
Strike in fact
Malice against
Ignis Heart
Deep inside


Dayle Corbin

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