GIG REVIEW – Hands like Houses – O2 Islington Academy 3/06/16

After the postponement of the original dates, Hands Like Houses returned to a full UK tour , with a new album in tow called Dissonants that was released earlier this year.  Sold out at O2 Islington Academy , the support bands were Dead!, The Gospel Youth, and I, The Mighty. Out of all those three bands, I, The Mighty were the band that bought the most energy and excitement to the room, they are a definite band to look out for in the future.

Hands Like Houses opened the show with I am, the immediate reaction for the song from fans was as expected and created a vibe for what was to come for the rest of the show. The newer songs were given a great reception from the crowd , this included songs like Degrees of Separation and Momentary , and it is the given success from Dissonants that is evident of how well the album is doing. The band also played from previous albums,  which catered to older fans aswell as the new fans , highlights included songs such as Wisteria and A Tale Of Subrbia which are personal favourites and heightened the atmosphere.  Throughout the whole show, the energy and the moods from both fans and band was on top form , and it was noticeable of how much the band was enjoying what they were doing, it was infectious and engaging.
The band ended with Introduced Species which was a perfect way to end a set especially with frontman, Trenton Woodley when he stage dived in to the crowd which was a great sight to behold. Despite the feeling of how short it was, the setlist was packed with no filler and just transitioned from song to song with intensity and punch.


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