Feature of the Day – Blue Stahli – Metrocentre 84 (2016)

Yesterday, on 3rd June 2016, electronic/industrial rock artist Blue Stahli released information on a new musical venture called Abandonware, which is to be released next Tuesday and available on music applications such as Spotify. On his official YouTube channel, Bret described Abandonware as

“—a music series of strange material and oddities. Where the main Blue Stahli vocal output leans toward multi-genre electronic rock, and Antisleep is a series of (mostly) instrumental songs geared for film/tv/video games, Abandonware is the stuff I do outside of the main studio time, writing on airplanes, late night experiment sessions, and pieces made just for fun. Songs that would be in the soundtrack of a long-forgotten computer game from 1995, the oldschool cyberpunk feel of staring at a DOS prompt and being mesmerized by demoscene animation, scouring BBS’s for .MOD .S3M and .XM files amid glowing ansi and ascii art. Lost soundtracks to straight-to-video sci-fi 80s and 90s movies on VHS”

Metrocentre 84 is the first single from this new project, and follows the traditional electronic sounds of the 1980s, which modern EBM artists refer to as sythpop/wave.

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