Feature of the Day – Chaos All Stars and Asperger Synthdrome – You Can’t be Me (2016)

Asperger Synthdrome is the EDM musical project of Swedish alternative/gothic model and singer Adora Batbrat (real name Anna-Marie Wimmerstedt), and formerly featured vocalists Ami Lupine (who appears on the audio track) and Iva Insane, who are alternative/gothic models in their own right.

The band formed in 2010, created to help draw awareness to the Autistic spectrum, learning difficulties and Asperger Syndrome and prior to the premiere of the first music video for the song Black Religion, originally recorded in 2012, released in 2016, they were performing live shows.

The song You Can’t Be Me is a collaboration with electronic group Chaos All Stars and features close friend of Wimmerstedt  and her alternative peer, Victoria Lovelace . The premise of the song is about “how alternative people are forced to “dress down” to avoid being discriminated in society”, and was inspired by the story Ett experiment i modevärlden (An Experiment in the Modern World)from the novel Våra Berättelser (Our Stories) by The Right to their Identities (Ratten til sin Identitet).


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