News – Celldweller announcing new audio company Refactor Audio, and releases sample-based instrument, Solaris (2016)

Officially, 6th May 2016, with a later email newsletter notification today (7th May), Scott Albert announced the opening of his very own audio company, Refactor Audio, with the premiere of his own sample-based instrument called Solaris, which has been in the making for two years in partnership with software company Kontakt.

Solaris, an instrument that contains 3.85 GB of samples; 5 Step sequences; 101 Kontakt Instruments (NKI Files); 2000+ samples in 24bit, 44:1 kHz audio; 1400 loops and 650 one-shots is available for pre-order on the official Refactor Audio website, seen below.

Solaris is controlled by the Probability engine, and the five step sequences control the volume, delay send, cutoff, pitch and step duration. Inside the web link, it goes into further detail of its sound sources and geers (including the pioneering Moog, used by psychedelic and progressive rock artists). The instrument has been used by artists Richard Devine, Jade Puget, Tom Salta, Zardonic, Brian Trifton, Voicians, and Animattronic.

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