Watch -In This Moment – The Fighter (2016)

On the 12th April 2016, American alternative/gothic/nu-metal band In this Moment released their fourth music video and fourth single from their album Black Widow (2014). Previous singles included Sick Like Me, Big Bad Wolf and Sex Metal Barbie.  The music video comes to light after the departure of their drummer, Tom Hane, who’d been apart of the band since 2011.

Unlike the previous three singles, The Fighter is a melancholic power ballad, following the themes of surviving domestic violence, sexual abuse and trauma, continuing on from the subject matter found in the songs Whore and Scarlet on their last album Blood (2012). The former, Whore became a single/music video in 2013, and featured Chris Motionless from industrial/metalcore band Motionless in White.

The Fighter‘s lyrical material, like Whore and Scarlet before it, was inspired from Maria Brink’s own experiences.

Black Widow is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes and eBay, and can be streamed on Spotify.

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