Feature of the Day – Katatonia – Old Heart Falls (2016) w/ album trailer

On the 30th March 2016, Swedish alternative metal band, Katatonia formerly of the death/doom genre released their first single in five years, preceding the official release of their new album The Fall of Hearts – coming out on 20th May 2016.

Prior to their new album, Katatonia focused heavily around their previous album Dead End Kings (2011), the acoustic re-release Dethroned and Uncrowned (2013) and a live album Sanctitude (2015); and in 2014 both the lead guitarist Per Eriksson and drummer Daniel Liljekvist departed from the band, with the latter being replaced with Daniel Moilanen last year.

The single comes as a lyric video, with someone writing out the lyrics on a typewriter, and the single alone hints to the direction of their sound; in comparison to their previous recent work; Dead End Kings and Night is the New Day (2009), The Fall of Hearts and Old Hearts Fall appears to lean towards progressive, ambient and neoclassical tendencies. It can be comparable to the earlier works of Polish progressive metal band, Riverside, Austrialian-Irish ethereal wave/neoclassical band, Dead Can Dance and progressive rock band, Genesis during Peter Gabriel’s era (1967 – 1975).

The link above features the formats the album is going to be available as, along with where it’ll be available to purchase.

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