Watch – Circle of Dust – Contagion (2016)

On 9th March, Scott Albert (Klayton/Celldweller), premiered the official music video of his previously put to rest Industrial project, Circle of Dust‘s new song, Contagion, which officially unveiled on 19th Feburary as an audio single, and unofficially for Celldweller followers four days before (16th February).

Contagion was the easter egg into the future direction of his old project, whilst at the same time, he had been working on remastered editions of Circle of Dusts’ older discography; the remastered double-disced reissue of the self-entitled album becoming available for purchase on 4th March (a review will be written up for it soon). The song is hugely thought amoungst fans to be about the development of apathy in our society, that apathy in its various forms has become to be seen like a universal epidemic.


Circle of Dust’s remastered albums and new singles are, and will be available on

Fun fact* Klayton’s COD project was founded in 1888, and has been recognised to have been one of the first bands to be considered the inspiration of Christian metal, alongside other industrial bands, Mortal and Deitiphobia. 

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