REVIEW – Tricot at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen 4/03/16

After embarking on their North American tour in October, the band announced a few months later that they would also tour Europe. By this time, Denmark was the only date they had completed with London up next, taking us to the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. It was here that tricot performed to a sold out crowd on their “YATTOKOSA” face to face tour ~in Europe~.

Supporting them were Lost in the Riots, the first band on for the night, followed by Delta Sleep who both did a great job at warming up the crowd. It was evident that as each band came on, more and more people continued to flood in, this had peaked by the time tricot started playing Oyasumi. 

The setlist mainly consisted of songs from The such as Omotenashi, Pool and 99.974 but also a few songs from A N D with E, Colourless Aquarium and Niwa as well as Pork Ginger, their most recent song to date.

There were many highlights that evening, the noticeable hand movements from the Ochansensu-su music video, the band rocking out to Anamein, the amazing carnival feel created by Niwa and the vocalist and guitarist Ikkyu climbing up towards one of the speakers for their last song, MATSURI.

It was undeniable that the energy in the atmosphere was constant from start to finish, even elevating at points. It did take a while for the audience to get into the groove of things but it was clear that those at the front had done so already as by the end of it, a small mosh pit had formed.

The band still have a few more dates on this tour that will take them up and down the United Kingdom and all around Europe before the release of their KABUKU EP on April 27 and tour in order to promote it. It’s nice to know that they are keeping themselves busy so hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them soon.


Dayle Corbin

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