REVIEW – Baroness at KOKO 1/03/16

With the release of new album, Purple, it led to a sold out show at KOKO on their current tour. Baroness came out to a sea of screaming eagerly awaited fans after two support bands that had people applauding sparingly after each song.   The band displayed every aspect of people that worked well together, with great energy from material largely from Purple and Yellow &Green. Songs like Chorine and Wine, Shock me, March to the sea were the highlights of the show, that received positive reception from the fans. Frontman, John Baizley oozed coolness from the stage , allowing the music to always build up momentum  after with each song.
On some aspects of the show, it felt a little long, perhaps it was because of the 19 song setlist that didn’t  involve songs from older albums, or the fans that just watched the band with bopping heads instead of getting in to it. Despite that, it didn’t matter, because the performances were powerful, with echoed choruses that made it feel that the band welcomed the audience in to their world.
In the end, the band ended with Take My Bones Away,  a favourite for so many people in that room including mine, to hear everyone sing the lyrics with great passion became a great memory to always remember.
It is clear, how much Baroness appreciate their fans for their success , and that holds this band up high on the list of great music.  Here’s to the future of Baroness and everything that’s to come.

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