Features of the Day – Circle of Dust – Contagion & Exploration (2016)

On the 12th January 2016, Celldweller started up what would be the first official Ask Circle of Dust, like his current Ask Celldweller, a range of videos connected to the remastering the discography of his former industrial project, allowing fans to ask any questions in relation to the reestablishment of not only the project, by the regaining of his writes to the work (previously mentioned in End of an Empire  album review, and the Scandroid ft. Circle of Dust feature of the day).

In the first installment of three videos, which would focus on his progress on the remastering, Klayton announced that Circle of Dust would have its own website, Facebook page and the enabling of signing up with a newsletter (mailing list). The newsletter would keep the fans up to date on the project’s progress, and allowing fans to have a sneak peak on new material that would later be attached to the remastered editions of the albums. On 16th Feburary via the Circle of Dust newsletter, Klayton premiered his new material for Circle of Dust called Contagion, three days later, the official audio premiered worldwide on 19th.

Contagion, as Klayton promised has returned to his roots of industrial and thrash metal.

Yesterday, on 25th February, Klayton revealed that for anyone who had pre-ordered the remastered edition of Circle of Dust, that is due out later on this year, would be recieving another exclusive track – this time a remastered track. That track was Exploration (Redux), and it was uploaded by al112v5. Exploration is the predecessor of Ursa Minor, which appeared on Celldweller’s Voices in my Head Vol 1 (2008), and later remixed on his Live Upon a Black Star (2012).


For those interested in signing up to the newsletter to receive the single for your own, go to http://www.circleofdust.net and you’ll come across Join the Mailing List by typing in your email address. You’ll be asked to confirm your details, and once you do, you’re ready to go. Side note, you may have to check your Junk/Spam mail for the email containing Contagion. Once you’ve got the email into your Inbox, you’ll see a ‘Download’ button, and it’ll download the link.

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