Feature of the Day – Kerli – Feral Hearts (2016)

Estonian singer-song writer, Kerli premiered her new single Feral Hearts on 10th Feburary via her Sound Cloud, and it was recently reviewed on NYLON magazine’s website today.

Since her step into the mainstream limelight in 2006, with her debut album Love is Dead, Kerli has explored many genres; her first album was defined as gothic pop for her unique fusions of alternative rock, dream pop and gothic/Lolita imagery, with the touch of Bjork who she has stated to be one of her biggest inspirations after The Cure.

She gained international fame for what would be her first involvement with Tim Burton – her second, being for Frankenweenie (2012), with the song Immortals  – for the conceptual album for the film Alice in Wonderland, Almost Alice (2010) with her single Tea Party, joining the likes of alternative rock band, Tokio Hotel (which she dueted with, on the track Strange), pop rock artist, Avril Lavigne, All American Rejects, electronica project Owl City, All Time Low, Robert Smith of The Cure, Metro Station (band of Miley Cyrus’ brother, Noah Cyrus), and Plain White T to name the few. It was in 2010, that Kerli also began to experiment in EDM, and changed her imagery from Lolita to Cyber Goth, beginning to define her music as ‘bubble goth’ after a review materalised around that time. The single Army of Love was the epitome of this new era.

During 2011 – 2013, during the build up of her last extended play Utopia (2013), she continued to play with her image and sound, to land with what was the beginning of her exploration of Wicca, with a bohemian look, and experimented with EDM, with the singles Zero Gravity and Lucky Ones (2012) being again the definition of her new direction, and only a prelude to what was to come. At the same time, she gave Demi Lovato her song Skyscraper, and it became a world-wide hit.

She has also collaborated with other EDM artists, such as Seven Lions (Worlds Apart, and Keep It Close, tyDi (Glow in the Dark, Something About You, and Perfect Crush), Benny Benassi (Kaleidoscope) , SNDRN (Raindrops), Cash Cash (Here and Now)and Karma Fields (Build the Cities)

During the four year hiatus, Kerli finally came to land what was to become her transformed self. She openly practises Wicca, and she used this new part of her identity to influence the sounds of her up-coming album, that premieres later this year. She also works as an independent artist. From the teasers that have come out these last few days (14th February – 17th February), and as Kerli herself has expressed, her new album Feral Hearts is going to go back to the darker sounds of Love is Dead, with ambient  ethereal wave, and dream pop mixed into one. The titular single is a beautiful orchestral track, that really enlightens how far she has come as an artist, and introduces that this new album will bring in established and new fans alike.

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