After a break for a year , Warped Tour returned to the UK at Alexandra Palace with Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria who headlined the festival. If there was any evidence of the type of fans that this festival catered to, it was the amusing sign of the  “Adult Creche” that was seen as soon you walked in to the venue.  Despite that it seemed like that the venue was half empty for most of the day- perhaps because of the line up that resulted in negative responses on social media – there was a positive atmosphere all around. I spent most of my time checking out the bands on the smaller stages rather the main stages, and although Memphis May Fire and August Burns Red were the main highlights of the main stages, I felt that the bands on the smaller stages (Kevin Says, Jagermeister, and ) completely outplayed the bands on the West and East stages. I guess, it was because of the way it was set up or that I enjoyed the bands that played on the smaller stages.

Bands like Creeper , Moose Blood and Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes made a huge impression on the crowd, especially Frank Carter. The set was amusing, and loud, Carter often was within the fans allowing them to make circle pits around him. His passion for his band was shown clearly with  how much he has changed from his previous projects.
Heck headlined the Kevin Says stage, and even though the capacity of the room was filled with at least less than 100 people, it never deterred them from doing their usual routine of never staying on the stage. Heck always has a way of making each show memorable and enjoyable and their Warped Tour set was no different.  At some points of the set, front man, Matt Reynolds was standing on top of the bar stand. Hilarious chaos all around.

As I left  Alexandra Palace and Warped Tour , I was reminded that like all festivals, the success of it doesn’t always have be placed on the headline bands, its success can surrounded by all the bands that are growing. Here’s to Warped Tour UK next year.

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