GIG REVIEW – Between the buried and me at Electric Ballroom 17/09/15

A lot has changed from the first time I’ve listened to Between The Buried And Me until now.The past 10 years has made a difference,and to have seen them at Electric Ballroom is a privilege to realise how much they’ve grown musically and lyrically.
The band are currently touring with a new album, Coma Ecliptic in tow. aswell as being accompanied by Haken on this tour.

From the get go, the energy of the band immersed with the crowd with excitement. Despite having only a 8 song setlist, there was no worry, because of the length of each of these songs, and evidently never losing the attention of any of the fans. Coma Machine, Famine wolf and Ants of the sky were the  highlight songs of the night as you could feel the intensity through each of the band members. Frontman, Tommy Rogers kept you on edge with his vocals wherever with guttural screams or clean singing. The musicianship was tight and worked well with each song, a reminder that if a band play well together, it can make everything look effortless.
The band ended with an encore cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, despite concerns that it is always the easy way out to cover a song, particularly a popular song , it didn’t disappoint especially with the whole of Electric Ballroom singing along the band. The realisation is that it’s fine to have fun especially at a show, and that’s what BTBAM did with their fans, just having fun.

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