GIG REVIEW – Korn at Brixton Academy 16/07/15

Nostalgia can be a fickle thing. It can either go one way; which it is exactly how it was remembered and loved, or the other way where it was always meant to be just stuck in a teenage phase. .
Korn performed their self titled album in full, something that has taken 20 years to do, but it was a good way to celebrate with long time fans at Brixton Academy.

The band opened the set with Blind, which caused the whole venue to have a total eruption of cheering from the audience, leading to total goosebumps of everyone singing each song with much passion and enthusiasm. As the show went on, there was no introductions to songs, or inbetween small talk between lead singer, Jonathan Davis, and the crowd but there didn’t need to be because these are loyal fans that knows every start to a song.
Highlights of the show were the songs , Faget, where it was amusing to hear a sold out venue shout the words “you can suck my dick and fucking like it!”, and memorable, Daddy.

Daddy was something that no-one expected to hear especially because of the history of the song. For me, I’ve personally only listened to the song once because it was so uncomfortable. To have heard it live blew my mind and emotions.
For the first time, during the show, everyone stood still in respect,as we watched Jonathan perform. From each moment, his movements and voice became so intense until he grew the microphone down. The atmosphere up until that point was heavy,emotional and eerie, something I’ve never experienced at a show before. As soon as the song ended, fans cheered as if to say, that they will always support him and the band.

The gig ended on a high note with encore songs, Falling away from me, Here to stay and Freak on a leash. The nostalgia is real, but Korn is a reminder of what the band was and is and forever will be. It was a privilege to be able to hear the album in full.

Sarah Tsang

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