Feature of the Day – MYRKUR – Haevnen (2015)

MYRKUR is the atmospheric black metal project of Danish song-writer, multi-instrumentalist and model Amalie Brunn. Previously, Brunn has worked with pop music, and wrote an opening credit song for reality television show Paradise Hotel in 2008, You Give It Up, and filmed a music video in the television show’s location, Mexico, and later won New York Songwriters Circle International Award the same year. In 2010 and 2012, Amalie Brunn released an extended play Branches and a single Siren.

In 2013, she appeared as guest vocalist on rapper R.A The Ruggard Man’s album Legends Never Die, on track Definition of a Rap Flow. The following year, she joined Relapse Records to produce a black metal extended play, confessing she was a black metal girl at heart, releasing the track Nattens Barn, on 22nd September, followed by the official release of namesake MYKUR the following month, October 24th.

On 2nd June 2015, Brunn revealed the progress of her full album M, due out on 21st August and the single Haevnen. M is produced by Kristoffer Rygg, of Swedish experimental rock group Ulver. The full length album is available for pre-order @ Relapse.com under MYRKUR. Two weeks after, on 16th June, Amalie Brunn announced a competition for artists to design the next cover for her up-coming single, Onde Born, with links to all the details needed; the deadline ending 18th June. Yesterday, on her official Facebook, Brunn revealed the winner of the competition (see image below).

Designed by Silvana Massa

Designed by Silvana Massa (2015)

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