Extended Play Review – Blue Stahli – The Devil (Chapter One & Chapter Two) & link to new EP Antisleep Vol. 4 (2013 – 2015)

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The Devil is electronic rock artist, Bret Autrey’s second lyrical up-coming album and current extended plays after namesake Blue Stahli, released in 2011. Following the predecessor’s style of electronic, industrial and alternative rock, structurally the extended plays are longer, in comparison to his compilations Antisleep Vol. 1 (2008), Antisleep Vol. 2 – becoming available the same year as Blue Stahli, 2011 – and Antisleep Vol. 3 (2012), all of which contain influences of punk rock with short instrumental and brief vocal pieces.

The extended play project, as previously mentioned in the feature of the day of Autrey’s current single Not Over ‘Til We Say So, is separated into two chapters, all released within a year of each other; the first in December 2013 and July 2014. Chapter Three is in the works.

Unlike his namesake’s album, The Devil contains a strong narrative, a narrative that discusses the flaws and tribulations of human nature, following the theology of LeVayan’s Satanism (an atheistic approach), where the Devil is a physical manifestation of us, of people. It discusses the controversial nature of war (Down in Flames, Ready Aim Fire), revenge and confrontation (Enemy) and our failures (The Fall). The rest of the future album’s tracklisting seems to hint towards the mythological creature, and a more psychological aspect of human nature (Demon, The Devil and Armageddon).

The lyric videos related to the project have been a far-reaching mix of documentation and film footage, CGI and pixelated imagery – the latter mimicking an arcade game. The Enemy combined live footage of Blue Stahli himself as well as CGI; this being the only video where he is lip-synching to the words merging onto the screen. He also plays with visual distortion, where the virtual camera angle is forced to pan in and out, and when it pans in, his facial expression changes to one of screaming. A few seconds into Down In Flames a digital image of Satan appears before the documentation footage of war comes into play.

Alongside the workings of the complete album, Bret Autrey released previews of his new insertion, volume four of Antisleep, this new EP containing EBM, classic rock, blues and soul instrumentals. On 8th June 2015, a full stream video was uploaded onto YouTube. Link can be found below.

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