With just a few months to go, Victorious festival will be under way for thousands of people that will  take part in what will make the most out of the summer in Portsmouth. Victorious Festival has been building up its name since its first year especially with headliners (Flaming Lips and Ray Davis!) and other acts that will be performing at the festival this year. It’s not just music that makes this festival popular, it’s the “Real Ale festival” too aswell as other activities you can do such as the aquarium and the skate park.

Here are the five bands you should definitely check out at the festival

1) Flaming Lips

2) Ray Davis

3) The Darkness

4) Primal Scream

5) We are scientists

Victorious Festival will be happening on 29th – 30th August 2015 in Portsmouth
Buy tickets here – Victorious Festival 

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