Extended Play Review – Overdose Support – Drink & Drive (2014)


Drink & Drive, officially released in June 2014, is the Finnish born noise-punk/metal band, Overdose Support’s debut release.

Not dissimilar to their peers in synthpop, and the millennium foundation of nu-metal, Putros Putros their introductionary piece has usage of heavy experimental synthetic sounds, like the musicians are toying with the machine, creating demonstrations before it transcends to that of screaming vocals, distorted by white noise.

From then on, musically, Overdose Support switches from a gentle introduction straight into hardcore metal, fusing punk, noise, black metal and screamo into their foundations. Structurally, the instrumental aspects of metal are messy, angered and careless in true punk fashion, on top of the time frame of each song being short and sweet (ranging between 0:42 – 01:44), whilst exaggerating the custom of disfiguring their instruments’ sounds. Excluding Hipster Gas Chamber, this reverts back to a much calmer sound, emphasizing on the synthesizers, giving an illusion of a slower, darker track, and Crack Flake, exploring classic thrash metal.

The vocalist is indistinguishable because of the harsh aggression, and this is ingeniously done, because it feels like a recording of a frustrated person, wishing release from stressful situations, tape recording their screeches, agitations.


Overdose Support have since revealed a new extended play, Babylon Health Care System on 8th April 2015, to be released.

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