GIG REVIEW – Steel Panther at Wembley Arena 14/03/15

If there is any band that can prove a whole group of people wrong , it would be Steel Panther. A band that consists of cheesy jokes but great music and the fact that each band member are all very musically capable in what they do. Professionalism and having fun  is what music is about since if there is so much serious within the music then it would be very boring.
Steel Panther selling out and headlining at Wembley Arena, as well as London being the only arena on the UK leg of the tour proves just that especially as you can see how far this band has come with their successes.
Supported by The Lounge Kittens (who played some amusing covers of rock bands) and Skindred (where the major highlight was the “Newport helicopter” especially when you could see how crazy it got when sitting upstairs), Steel Panther planted their feet firmly on the stage with ease and caused a triumphant uproar with the crowd especially with bringing out the “little people” that resembled the band at the start of the show. The stage with a long runway showed a lot of advantage of displaying a full performance , and a presence that was felt from all sides of the venue. Highlights included songs such as The Shocker, Party like tomorrow is the end of the world, Girl from Oklahoma  and one song in particular which was Kanye, a short hilarious song about the band’s distaste for Kanye West. The funny thing was though that it showed the brilliance of Michael Starr’s vocals. The band were later given silver platinum records for their success of Feel The Steel and with that, came the celebrations of bringing lots of girls from the crowd on to the stage that were amusing to watch aswell as the “little people” who came back for the encore. The show ended with Community Property, Party all night, and huge explosions of confetti. The energy and impact of the band is easily to be respected as it is  a reminder of how there may be lots of comedic valued bands around but not all are professional and can have great musicianship  like Steel panther.


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