GIG REVIEW – SNOT at The Garage, 19/02/15

“The reason it’s been 18 years to get here is because our lead singer, Lynn died”

Bands that give tribute to their band members that have passed away shows the positive attitude of whoever the band is, and how humble for a band like Snot to do a UK tour who have learnt to keep moving on. 18 years of love of a tragedy gone but never replaced from fans and the band. 18 years, however to finally come to UK soil and show the crowd of what they have been missing for all those years.
Snot played Get some in full at The Garage, a small venue but appropriate for the messiness that resided from the songs, the pits and the release of emotions that were long overdue. I felt completely broken throughout the show,  but it didn’t matter because Snot displayed such energy, that I just wanted to just go crazy. Each band member interacted with the crowd, the vibes that came off from the band was unrelentless and for that, the respect for Carl Bensley was evident with the cheers after each song.
The adrenaline pumped through the venue felt like the whole place was was going to cave in and it was from that moment, a devotion for a band that is still relevant after so many years  was respected and loved.

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