There have been many exciting announcements in terms of gigs for 2015 that has been talked about towards the latter end of this year.
Here are five shows you should definitely check out for 2015.

1) Slipknot – UK January Tour 


After a successful US tour, Slipknot are bringing Korn and King 810 to the UK for the arena tour in January. There will be different set lists for each show too, so who knows which city will get certain songs. Fans will be excited to hear songs from the new album.

Get tickets here – Slipknot tour


2) Enter Shikari – UK February Tour 

1417118091_Enter Shikari
Enter Shikari will be promoting their new upcoming album , The Mindsweep for the UK tour in February. From the songs that have been already released, it seems that it will be much more intense live than previous shows.

Get tickets here – Enter Shikari tour


3) System of a down – London Show 

System of a down will be playing at Wembley Arena in London for their only UK show for their tour, #Wakeupthesouls so if you can’t make Wembley, there’s always France and Belgium!

Get tickets here – System of a down show


4) Steel Panther – UK March Tour 


Steel Panther will be bringing their entertainment to the UK for their tour in March. There will sure to be much laughter , embarrassment and weird people. Skindred will be supporting the band.

Get tickets here – Steel Panther tour


5) MUCC  – London Show 


MUCC are back for a London show for the first time in years, and it will bound to bring the excitement that once was captured back in 2009

Get tickets here – MUCC show

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