LIVE REVIEW – MESHUGGAH at Roundhouse 20/12/14

Meshuggah  celebrated 25 years together as a band at The Roundhouse, and it was a bit mental , where I left the show, dizzy from celebrating a bit too much and in awe of how of the journey of this band.
Meshuggah opened with the loud and powerful song, Future breed machine  that got the crowd in a frenzy. Throughout the show, the experience was like a full on scale of mass hysteria of sights and sounds contained in just a room, and unleashed only through their energy and stage set. It always somehow surprises me how a band could last as long as Meshuggah , despite the amount of bands out there that have lasted longer, however, the thing that needs to be commended is that not many bands can work well together after that many years, and not many bands can produce the same love and energy in their music, but here evidently, Meshuggah has shown that at the Roundhouse. Highlights of the set, were songs like Greed, Stengah and Do not look down, the entire setlist was songs from each album, spanning from the first to the latest, and it showed the great variation of how far this band has come from , creatively and musically.  Demiurge showed the intensity of how this band can perform together, the drumming that matched along with the rest of the band, in time, on beat, and at that point, I took the risk by being at the edge of pit, taking it all in, and not caring the people around me that pushed in to me, violently.
Meshuggah finished the set with In Death – is Life and In Death – Is Death as their encore, grooves that would set for what happens in  the next 25 years.

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