REVIEW – Ill Nino at The Garage 29/11/14

To start this review with a confession, it’s been a long time since Ill Nino has been on my radar,  in fact it’s been 10 years since I’ve last listened to the band but they have always been a lasting impact. This is why I decided to check them out at The Garage, and after catching up to date on their  albums particularly 2014’s release, Till death , La Familia  , I was determined to  go to this show with every expectation that I had for this band the past ten years.
After a flurry of support bands, especially a set from Terror Universal (who happens to have present/past members from Ill Nino, Machine Head and Soul Fly) who stood out with their masks and stage presence, the time for Ill Nino to come on stage was felt within the excitement of the crowd.
Ill Nino opened with La Epidemia which immediately  created mosh pits and a positive crowd response, it was intense mixed with the raw aggression that I had remembered from all those years ago. Throughout the show , the band had this energy that only the fans could experience if you were there. Vocally, Christian Machado was prominent within the music, and the band worked well together, musically. This controlled delivery of chaos that held the attention of fans and ecstatic fun. Highlights of the show with songs that stood out, were This is war, where the drums were the most dominant feature , the angst especially that could be felt within the room, where no-one has any clue how this tiny venue could contain such ravaged up fans. I am loco,  Live like there’s no tomorrow,and  Alibi of tyrants were also main highlights of the show.
The show ended with Liar, and overall, this was everything I’d ever expected from a band like Ill Nino and more. Musically, things may have changed in the industry but it hasn’t stopped this band. Still growing , still pushing their music out to dedicated fans, and with a new album , it is evident to see where Ill Nino will be.

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