GIG REVIEW – Eluveitie at O2 Islington Academy 11/11/14

A sold out gig showed that Eluveitie took hold of London by the throat and blasted everyone across the room with a great set. Support bands, Skalmold and Arkona gave lasting impressions to bring enough attention and the need to discover more of their music as soon as the gig finished.
There was a lot going on that was displayed on the stage, but that’s what happens when there are a million members in the band (Well, 8 members) , however it was not a negative thing as each member was just as entertaining to watch. There were a lot of instruments , some  that I’ve never seen before but I later find out that the one distinctive instrument is called the Hurdy Gurdy( which Anna Murphy played). It  made the show all the more interesting and powerful. Folk metal is widely accepted in the UK, which is a great thing as it is not often , these bands come over here but when they do, it completely blows people’s minds.  Eluveitie played a lot of songs from their newest album, Origins and it is frontman, Chrigel Glanzmann’s vocals that made each song sound as ripe as it does on studio, he would then play the whistles and pipes every other song and it was definitely unexpected. It was clear by then, my interest in folk metal is very sparse but clearly amazed how different everything was played at this show.  Highlights were songs such as Kingdom come undone,  Havoc, Thousandfold and A rose for Epona which had great reactions from the fans.
The essence of bands like Eluveitie is evidently something that deserves to be celebrated in the genre and how well , the show goes went down well live.
Sometimes, going in to a show blind can make things all the more fresh and raw and will bring you in to a new world by the end of it.

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